Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

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Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

Four years ago my family decided it was time for pets to join our crew. As my children were getting older, we wanted to add a little more excitement around the house. We gained not one, but two new kittens! They were so sweet and rambunctious with their own tiny personalities. Our cat Ebony likes to hide and is sometimes standoffish, but our cat Ace loves to be around the entire family and soak up lots of attention. Ace enjoys playing with the kids and curling up next to us so that we can cuddle and pet him. They’ve grown and we enjoy having them as a part of our family. We pamper both of our kitties with top quality star treatment everyday.  

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

When I make my weekly shopping trips to my neighborhood Kroger for groceries, I’m sure to stop by their pet aisle to pick up something for both Ace and Ebony. Kroger carries pet food, toys, and everything you need for your furry friends all in one place. When I’m grabbing Tidy Cats® litter, I make sure to pick up some catnip that I need to make cute DIY toys as well. 

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

Most cats love catnip, and it comes loose, but I like to put it inside fabric to create a cute toy for both Ace & Ebony.

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

You need: 

5 Scrap pieces of fabric cut in squares

5 small strips of fabric for the ties

Cotton Balls


Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

First I take a piece of fabric and lay it flat. Next I add a cotton ball, then I place some catnip on top. 

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

Finally I take one of the strips and ties it around the square and pull tight. Then I have these cute little toys for my cats to play with! Ace loves his new toys and I’m pretty sure he’ll be bouncing around the house all night playing with them. 

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

As I provide top quality star treatment for our cats, I make sure to use Tidy Cats® range of cat litter products. Tidy Cats® newest variety is Tidy Cats® Lightweight cat littler. It’s the same strength of cat litter, with half the weight. Often times I’ve been deterred from buying big bags of cat litter because it’s so heavy. I have a hard time lugging the bag from the grocery store to the car, and then from my car into the house. Tidy Cats® Lightweight has TidyLock™ Protection to make sure our house stays fresh. When people come over to visit, they can never tell we even have cats. 

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

You can find Tidy Cats® Lightweight cat litter at Kroger stores nationwide. Now you can get $1 Off Tidy Cats® Lightweight $1 Off Tidy Cats® Litter, and  $2 off Dog Chow Naturals dry dog food if you have a dog as well. 

Easy DIY No-Sew Catnip Toys

Ace loves the new catnip toys I made him! Does your family have pets? 




  1. Jenna Wood

    August 8, 2016 at 10:07 am

    My cat loves cat grass, that’s how I give her the star treatment- I grow it fresh! She used to be big into catnip, but not so much these days. #client

  2. Pam

    August 10, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Where did you get the bucket?

  3. Elise

    April 26, 2017 at 5:28 am

    !#@!#!! How have I not seen these before?? They’re gorgeous and I LOVE them! Totally want to try!

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