MommyWeek Home: Clear Clogged Drains

MommyWeek Home: Three DIY Plumbing Fixes

This post is bought to you in partnership with Roto Rooter! I was chosen as a Roto Rooter Ambassador to share various way you can save money on plumbing in your home.

MommyWeek Home: Clear Clogged Drains

No matter where we reside, be it a home or an apartment, clogged drains are going to happen. Regular use of our pipe system requires a little work on our part for proper upkeep. As we bathe, wash our hair, use our sinks and toilets it’s inevitable a few drain issues will arise. 

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Years ago, I would tell my husband if there was a problem and then I would have to wait until he got around to it. He’s very busy with work, so I decided to figure out ways I could solve simple problems like clearing clogged drains myself! It’s really not that difficult, and can be done easily in a matter of minutes. 

Clear Clogged Drains

First take a look at your drain and asses if there is any obstruction blocking the drain. Sometimes my kids will drop the dish towel down the drain! If it’s plugged in there, of course water will back up. We’ve also dropped toothpaste caps down the drain as well. 

If there is no obstruction and you still have some back up, one way I like to clear things is with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. You want the water to be as hot as you can stand it, so it would be a good idea to boil it on the stove first. Pour about a half of a small box of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with white vinegar. Don’t worry, it will fizz a little. My kids do this all the time for science experiments. You can use the same solution to create a volcano with your kids. Afterwards, pour the hot water straight down the drain. 

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If the last method didn’t work, then you can use Roto-Rooter  Gel Clog Remover. You can find it at local retailers like Kroger. It begins to work immediately to clear stubborn hair clogs and soap scum. It’s safe for all pipes, septic systems and garbage disposals. 

 Three Home Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Are there any other methods you’ve used to clear stubborn clogged drains in your home? 


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