How to Achieve Your Child’s Educational Goals This Year with IXL

How to Achieve Your Child’s Educational Goals this Year with IXL

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How to Achieve Your Child’s Educational Goals This Year with IXL

Do you make New Year Resolutions for your kids? I’m not big on resolutions, but I love setting educational goals for my children at the beginning of the year. When we wind things down at the end of the year, I’m in planning mode. Planning for myself, and planning for my children. During our winter break I take a look back at our homeschool year and make some necessary decisions. I decide on what educational skills I want them to strengthen, I look at what curriculum is or isn’t working for us, and I choose what to add and what to take away. 

How to Achieve Your Child’s Educational Goals with IXL

This year, we’re utilizing to assist in reaching our educational goals! Here are some tips & ideas on how you can help your children achieve their educational objectives. 

  • Get better grades: Make this goal within reach with the help of tools like IXL Learning. IXL is an online learning program K-12 students can use to practice skills in math, language arts, science, social studies and Spanish. Featuring vibrant visuals and interactive questions, kids will feel captivated and challenged as they explore new material!

  • Put off procrastination: If your child puts off homework or is always cramming to study for a test, help them create a study schedule to avoid this in the new year. Invest in a simple planner, make your own, or go digital with apps like MyStudyLife or SchoolTraq to manage assignments.

  • Try a new sport: The new year is the perfect time to pick up new activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle. If your child is interested in picking up a new sport, help them sign up with a local team or for lessons. Encourage practice after school and on the weekend so they’ll build up skills and feel confident when it comes time for the big game!

How to Achieve Your Child’s Educational Goals this Year with IXL is a fun and easy way to help children master educational skills & concepts. It helps your child build confidence and understanding of each academic concept. 1 in 9 students in the US utilize IXL and IXL is used in more than 190 countries. 

Here are the key features of IXL: 

  • Each concept on IXL is broken out into scaffolded MicroSkills: building blocks that guide students toward fluency.
  • IXL’s interactive problems, immediate feedback, and question-specific explanations engage students and allow for self-paced learning.
  • IXL’s proprietary SmartScore algorithm differentiates the learning experience for students by generating questions based on students’ understanding of the material.
  • IXL’s personalized recommendations help students make smart decisions about their learning by suggesting skills that inspire them to tackle trouble spots, challenge themselves, explore new topics, and more.
  • The IXL Continuous Diagnostic provides up-to-the-minute student insights and guides students to the skills they are most ready to work on next.
  • IXL Analytics provides real-time insights into students’ strengths and weaknesses, classroom performance, progress toward state standards, and more.
  • Virtual awards and certificates motivate students to achieve more

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Today is officially our first day back to school from the winter break, and we’re using IXL! I’m excited to track my kids progress as they go through the lessons. I can easily login and take a look at all of the skills they are covering based on grade level and check out how well they are doing, and where they need extra help. IXL even makes recommendations for parents based on your child’s progress. I’m excited for this school year! 

How to Achieve Your Child’s Educational Goals this Year with IXL


What education goals & hopes do you have for your children in 2018? 


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